Echelons Beyond
Self-preciousness and pity, are sister theives,
who swindle, filch and squeeze resources dear
to those few souls, whose inner sense perceives
a higher pure organic new frontier.

Life's ways to see and change, cannot be taught.
The eyes beholding these, must be one's own.
Things to be done and things to be done, not,
are evident, once higher planes are known.

A mastery of Truth is what is sought,
when understanding comes, that we alone
are tasked with making exit from the zone
where contradictions muddle up our Thought.

Not of this world, the true road never ends.
Interplanetary is not what's meant,
nor make believe. Consciousness extends
within, as Universe without. Repent,

from the Greek, means 'a turning of the mind',
Sin, a bowman's term, means 'missing the mark'.
Stop doing dumb stuff and recognize behind
these words, the path leads to the mystic spark

which animates and wants to educate
our monkey skulls. Bur first, a Being must see
impediments abound, and Heaven's gate
takes only Self-evolved ones, with a key.

To me this says its hail Mary time,
if one's to ever know a half inch of
the Absolute's divine and cosmic climb,
to pinnacles of Wisdom, Will and Love.