As we are given so few years to raise
our worthiness and acumen of soul,
how dare you be so dumb? You waste your days
concerned with racing rats and chasing cheese.
Your toxic vanities have but one goal:
perfuming and adorning your disease.

To throw the yoke of duty and of quest,
the patriots of path would call AWOL.
Though hateful as a snakebite, few are stressed
enough to take real steps to change their ways.
So will it take a frickin' knuckleball
to wake your inner eyes and shake the haze?

From galaxies un-named, we came to shed
delusions and transcend our reptile traits.
Emeshed and trapped, out true selves go unfed,
while we think we are something that we're not.
Clueless, we circle through our static states,
unconscious how completely we are caught.