Dufus in Shades

Bookended by birth and death, and spread across some eighty years,
humans are Here to prove their value to a higher planed
perspective point. I'm guessing that delusions unrestrained,
and appetites unchained, arn't too much in demand. Frontiers

need stalwart pioneers, not deadass drunks, or lazy skunks,
or greedy, heartless swine, or tiresome dog-mind know it alls.
Much is at stake in places you would adore. Celestial monks
couldn't sing sweet enough of these environs. Windowless walls

have been built by the most important person in the place,
but how do you tell him that? He is both the cause and cure,
of and for, the twists and traumas that he's known. Disgrace
also means, without Grace. The Absolute Good has no impure

elements. Its connected to the meaning, for all these fucking stars!
Not a static statue to behold, but a wonderment within you
to be found and explored. You could go from here to Mars,
looking for a clue, but if you really want to know what's true,

start with yourself. For one thing, you're not the one you think
yourself to be, though are the one who thought it. The Immaculate
Conception is a true, but unseen part of You. The brink
between is vertical, and WHY that you can't see your fate.

Most couldn't be more wrong, about what must be done to gain
a wider, wiser heart and mind. They do not know that long hard work
on who and what they are, will teach them how they must retrain
themselves, and grow as they were meant to, and not the jerk

they are. That one who needs to justify, every time he speaks,
and in denial that he's tinged with every kind of vice.
An earnest honest look, however shows his true state reeks
with lies, self-pride and secret appetites. To be precise,

all habits that evaluate the worth of life events,
are based on shocks and frights acquired from childhood hell,
and need to be reschooled. The tangled mess these make, prevents
right reckoning what's best, from what the world presents to sell.