Drill Down

To some mens minds, diamonds and gold
is all of life they want to hold.
While others claim they must command
to fill their ego's deep demand.
Still others try and bind their heads
with dogma knots they tie from threads
of wishful thoughts and puppet strings
that dangle down and tangle things.
To hunger, yearn or thirst fot less
than total love woild be to bless
the curse that damns our learning how
the raw eternal moment Now
is space and time to romp and rage
and ram ones whole against the cage
whose bars are made from shadows cast
by silly fears of dangers past.
So know that we have all we need
to bring about the death of greed.
For love is light to those who'd be
unblinded by the things they see.
Sustained attention to the glow
of inner sunlight soon will show
the physics of infinity
through Buddha, Tao and Trinity.