It All Comes Down

The inmost spark within all men
has neither name nor shape,
and only brightens when,
a man transforms his inner ape.

The dead who bury dead are rife
and overrun this earth.
So very few love life
enough to justify their birth.

Put up or shut up! is the call
that's broadcast to us all.
If you want out, its up to you.
As ringboss of the coup

to come, the energies you'll need,
are sure as hell not free.
No doctrine's rules or creed
can liberate Divinity.

To throttle rage and vanity
and murdering one's greed,
makes granite hardened sanity
by which old chains get freed.

To underestimate the frantic need
to clean/restore one's Soul,
will set a lock that can't be keyed.
You'll surely die a troll.