Lots More Dark than Light

The psychic mead, called Force, is meant to feed
those purest throats which fight one's pharisees.
Its hijacked by a common mental weed
which blooms as false persona and its lies.
Ego is a vampire and soul disease,
with fangs behind one's smile and only dies
when Consciousness shakes free. Now guess whose task
it is to drain the swamp! Crocodiles
won't be impressed with a weak or leaky mask
and can't be steered by winks and toothy smiles.

Don't even pump the brakes. Our vices own
every piece of ground we know. Though not
stump stupid, many men have rarely shown
a passion to behold, with unfraught thought,
the real and truest truth. It would require
victory in vice management, and war
with habits of the head, that make 'haywire'
a common term. Men's minds are meant to soar,
high in the winds of Grace. We must explore
and loose those binds that leash us to the floor.