Dark Got There First

No system works, ( I heard 'em clunk and chink!).
A wired way to better places is what
many people want. Good Luck. I've learned to think
in a new way, but not before my butt

was kicked and set on fire! An upward road
brought things that thumped, and thrashed the self I thought
I was. Many times I saw my work erode,
then fight once more, battles already fought.

Turns out, humility will show a way
toward eschelons, which hold new tools to view
unseen aspects of humanity. A day
will come when gloom disolves, and you'll breakthough

to gain a glimpse and see what's truely true.
There are no words available with this.
It's work on self, throw worship in the loo.
Reclaim your squandered loss from the abyss!