Wrongly accused, the king condemned his good
freind to die by the claws of lions. The den
was full, and people thought his grim death would
be immediate. The morning came, and when

the king called out to Daniel, he heard him say
"Live forever, my king". The king was glad
and asked him how he hid and got away.
Daniel answered that, " Heaven's angel had

shut up their mouths, as innocency was found
in me." This story is a metaphor,
about soul seekers finding holy ground.
When Self is remembered, the endless war

that carries on below a blameless mind,
is nicely quashed. Now, through a clearer cast.
one can, with fervor, seek to see behind
the obvious and focus, until the last

dog dies! Self remembering creates
a rising in the soul, that stiffens up
as more re-membering occurs. The gates
of paradise, jackpots and winners cup,

await those ones, who've mastered the art
of surrender. Getting out of one's own way,
is dire, and requires each to cleanse his heart
before the sweeter parts, fail and decay.