Dangling is not a Sport

Religion's rules are stiff and clamorous.
tempting to those whose souls are comatose.
As guide, its precepts don't go far enough,
and plain chitchat with God, is preacher's bluff.

Perfect Being dwells and moves inside
each one of us. It too, has rules, but more
about mastering access. We must decide
how badly, we are wanting to adore

the existence of miraculous grace.
The rules begin with, you repairing you.
It's work to clean one's house. Embrace
the fact that you're a little shiftless, too.

A man's entire thirty thousand moons,
are not enough to realize the Divine.
Seeing a smidge, you'd load your pantaloons!
Thick within that lump atop your spine.

are toadstools bocoup. You're job is head
eliminator for all cruddy things
that thwart the cause. Sustained focus brings
a stable state of mind and heart.. Non-dead,
not weak, and highly willful, would be kings,

so badly need, to never crash and burn!
Blockades strewn from the stupid enterprise
of past miscalcs, can lead you to an urn.
Long focus is needed for inner eyes

to magnify and differentiate the dark
. One's worldly ways, allow beliefs to pass
unvetted. This can cause teeth of the skark
to chomp your buns for years. The jackass sass

and gas we pass, while in this state, creates
more rocks to stumble on, thus wasted time
and pain. Think hard while you are in these straits,
and understand, that your hand is the prime
causation for the stalls and blood you spill. Trump's loon platoon and Bernie's drooling dead. illustrate what happens when numbnuts swill up kool-aid with an untaught, blowhard head!