Dabbling in Eternity

To break loose from the snaggy snarl of lies,
that keep a journeyman asleep and numb,
is to breathe light. Souls will come to fathom
much larger concepts of life's energies.

A man can Know, and need not just believe.
One sees for oneself that no dogma will
explain one jot of fact. Mind is a sieve,
until its owner acquires the psychic skill

to recognize what interlocks with what.
Machine like habits treat all things the same.
No changes mean no conscious growth. case shut.
Failure to thrive was not the reason we came

to Earth. My guess is that we took
an oath before we came. We'd gather all
our strength and means, to take a longer look
at Life's immense complexities. The sprawl

of assumptions that need to be rethought,
have overwashed the shores of hallowed ground.
Unless this flood is zeroed and retaught,
the same wrong things will follow, chase, and hound

all efforts made to shed the gradeschool brain.
It's with us still, and pulls the puppet strings.
Something must be done here to skake the reign
of tyrant Ego before he burns our wings!

All seekers, first occupy the cubbyhole
beneath the floors of paradise. We start
out dim bulb dumb, and mindless that our soul,
must elevate, to gain in psychic heart.

Excessively concerned with boaster's pride,
and teenbrain vanity, Earthlings are stuck.
It should be clear to some of them, this ride
through life, ain't free. "Boost what's Good; fire the Schmuck",

could serve as true religion. Work alone,
along these lines, will bring more decent things.
All else is Sleep. Transcending to the throne
of Truth and Love, creates true queens and kings.