Curves and Hills

We have meager assets, but many bills.
Extravagant appraisal of self's bank
of opulence, is father to many ills.
Character flaws gain clout and soon outrank

ambitions to become a better soul.
Until one's deepest conscience finds new light
to show that contradictions have control,
no ones efforts or results, will be right.

The pleasure taken from a blow by blow
account, of how unfair the many kicks
and scorns that others wreak, is what must go.
All vanities, conceits and self-pity pix

must burn, so reason and cloudless sky
reign in the wheelhouse. Delusions keep
us lost in dreams and numb to even try
to rouse our muddy minds from sandman's sleep.

Fear and greed are on the menu, too.
All sneaky lies, all gripes and bitchy squalks
must feed this fire. One must conduct a coup,
and all Persona's tricks, one must outfox.

To stay the same, but think you'll rise
in Being, just can't happen. So giving up
your tired old blues to get the jolt you prize,
makes room for new good sense to fill your cup.

To re-construct ourselves should be our goal.
The tools exist to realign the way
we vet and route impressions to the Soul.
A brand new way of thinking will downplay

the angry, fearful uproar in one's thoughts,
by focusing on negative and mean
creeds, moods and deeds. When freed from knots
and clots, a buoyancy that's never been

before, uplifts new elements, tucked deep
in undeveloped parts. A whole new You,
awaits you from a higher plane. Its steep
to reach, but truely, what else is there to do?