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Will it be Crumbs?
What prize do you imagine hangs at stake?
Are people made of meat? Or trees of wood?
There is a deeper truth that words can't make.
Appearance is convenient to stop debate,
but outright earnest thought makes masterhood
of Earthly chaos, a brilliant feat most great.

We know but crumbs, of all what can be known,
and even that's not wholly understood.
Are you an accident of cells that's grown
adept to comprehend the subtle laws
distinguishing what's Evil from what's Good,
and reason back effects to name the cause?

Does insight deem, there might just be a more
elaborate far-reaching set of facts
surrounding human lives? Beyond the door
of death, as well, before the birth of all,
a 'process' governs life, which leaves no tracks,
except in dreams, whose meanings skirt recall.