Crock of Dreams

Six billion views side-slide, collide, and crash
in what can only be a crackpot's dream.
A crockpot stew of sewage, filth and trash
is brewed to boost one's Ego's fool regime.

The mass of us are trapped and tranced in states
of sleep that we don't recognize, as same.
Whole lives can pass, deadbrain to those dictates
that free one's Soul. Delusion is the game

that's played, to keep our appetites, and bypass
the taxing work to rehabilitate
our Being from vices that we use. Nerve gas
is spewed by False Persona to sedate

that part of us who yearns to set things strait.
We can't be further from that rightest place
within us, when we're caught and lost to fate,
unfit to climb our sacred stair to Grace.