The door to wonder's awe is 'magnitude'.
A tennis ball, the moon, the earth are small,
though each outsizes each. The sun, when viewed
from space is so immense, the senses stall
in disbelief. And there are stars so banging
big, ten thousand times the solar mass
of ours is not enough. The brain's left hanging,
too stunned to think, and just runs out of gas!

The universe, so beautiful and vast,
is concurrent with every breath. Spiral
galaxies whirl while we take tea. Miscast
as cold and pointless, the entire astral
jamboree is nightly proof of clout
and plan beyond belief. Like seven blind
men saying what an elephant's about,
not one beholds the full beast in his mind.

Consider this, are you related here?
Our solar system pales when viewed as one
among ten trillion more. Does not the sheer
immensity leave astonishment outdone,
and lift your reverence? As thus founded,
this is religion at its most sublime.
Beholding life, in every way unbounded,
affirms we are true guests of space and time.