o Corpo-rapist


Runaway self interest is the blight
which kills utopia, born of our dreams,
and smothers the 'big bang' of inner light.

An autopsy of Heaven would indict
the greedy, more-for-me type men. This screams,
"runaway self interest is life's blight."

How rightly we aspire to what seems
transcendent to the limits of our sight.
Killing utopia, prize of our dreams,

has made a toss-pot of our sense of height,
ravaging love's flowers with flat-land schemes
to smother the 'big bang' of inner light.

No scenario, rescues or redeems
runaway self interest as soul's blight.
'Corporation people' connive and fight
to geld utopia, hope of our dreams.
This sad world, wrapped in bad regimes
grows blind to the 'big bang' of inner light.