Cornacopic Distress

The infinite spectrum of Light affords our instruments,
but one small slice. From radio to gamma. Its all that we can sense.
Why men who know this still attend their church, and buy the con
midaeval witch-men sold, to every dufus Jane and John,

is partly why humanity does not evolve. We're stuck
face down in lousy math, retributive denial and snide
self-serving attitudes. Worse yet, we check our calls and pluck
selectively, depending on our whim. There is a pattern, true and tried,

that fosters what's ideal for metanoia to occur.
It taxes Will far harder than you thought might be, and so
you quickly drop the reins. Because you only look for sure
and easy things, rewards are small and there's no place to go.

'Some preassembly required', makes most of us shudder with dread.
A thing worth having isn't made with plain or worthless things,
and 'lazy, fearful, proud', won't top the list of those who tread
the higher planes. Quite a predicament having no wings,

with the soul of a pilot in love with the wind. The work
to fabricate a means, to acquire the understandings that
benefit the muscles in our Will, begins by moving murk
which fouls our view of Grace, and makes the world look flat.

Salvation is the least thing that a man should prosecute.
The Second Coming is when you 'Come To', and realize
Christ-like consciousness has come awake in You. Astute
beyond what Genius ever dreamed, this mind has eyes

to roam through smoke and shadow, finding sense where very few
before have tried to chart. The primal Sin of men is that
most buy what seems the easiest and sparkles most in lieu
of nose and grindstone work. Men coast, and shirk the acrobat

they're meant to be, while squandering their microshare of Grace
endowed at birth. Escape from Ego's headlock is the game.
Every thing is lawful to pursue, but every chase
is not expedient, and often ends with you, gone down in flames.

It can and must be done, before returning whence we came.
Lets face the fact, that too damn few of us, will fly this coop
to richer realms, where what we've learned while here, has purpose, and an Aim.
It's pointless to stay goalless in a meanngless world of poop!