As the noise and movement of worldly things
carry endlessly on, there is yet
a better way to see this life, that brings
a pristine sense to all events we vet.

"A man whose job it was to take the tax,
from poor and working folk, appeared at church.
He felt, deserving of the headsman's ax.
Unwothy of forgiveness, his long search

for absolution seemed hopeless. A priest,
who came to pray, was very proud to be
a clean and proper man, who'd long since ceased
his dealings with the salt of men, plus, he

fasted, washed three times and said the prayers
that God preferred. The taxman, from his knees,
was loath to lift his eyes. No repairs
were likely, and his prayers began with, 'please'.

The pharisee prayed, contented that he was
more chosen than other men, and, unlike this
tax collector, whose filth ran afoul the laws
of Heaven. But, guess who got the bliss!

Averse to raise his face, the taxman prayed
'Please have mercy', and that was all he said."
This brilliant metaphor cuts like a blade,
to show both 'high' and 'low'. Wise people dread

the call to self-exalt, deceive and conceal.
Within, the Grand Poo-ba mimcs those tricks
that twist with endless lies. Persona is real,
and hydra-headed, out looking for kicks.

Most crucial, is your seeing these two modes
process thoughts and feelings, using codes
to tell if, goodness truth, and love prevail,
or slimey lies and chaos make travail.

The pharisee was a rockstar, but sucks,
and suffers from a shameless fat false head,
The taxman's humble state had no deluxe
and pompous air to make believe he's bred

for greater things. The quiet side is where
our Essence grows and brings forth, our true Will.
Persona is acquired, with traits that wear
your Ego's crest, but can not gain the skill

to climb above the fray of everyday
calamities, (caused by the other guy,
of course!). When you're alone and really weigh
these things, you'll see two ways; one low, one high.

Within your Soul and Being, there are two ways;
one good, and one discardable. No place
in sentient mind can shelter Evil's malaise,
as conscious Will draws it's strength from Grace.