A man may penetrate his inner dark,
strictly through believing that he can.
Evicting thoughts like, 'life's a fun-play park',
does much to mobilize this worthy plan.
Too many days spent laving in the goo
of poop-shot thoughts, conspires with sloth to stall
one weaning from this foul and tainted stew
of wrong self-reckoning. One first must crawl,
wretch-like, away from stinking cess and sleaze.
The lust to slither back stays strong for years,
but when one's fit to rise up off his knees,
he'll seize those timeless truths whose wisdom clears
all doubts. He'll sense Divinity all round,
illumined through the organ of his soul.
The world becomes sublime, and life profound,
and he, a new face on his tribal pole.