A Cliff (one of many)

For those of you not Christian, witness please
this combing of the creed, for those that are.
The doctrine as they've taught for years, has fleas.
In Luke, their Savior says, "The Kingdom is
within you". Not apart, out on some star,
but here, within your heart. The words are His!

And who lives in this Kingdom? Tinkerbell?
Almighty God, that's who. But how, they ask?
How did the King of Everything come to dwell
within the heart and soul of common man?
He must be cloaked behnd one bad-ass mask
to keep this stunning secret in the can!

No matter that most Christians can't discern
how this could be, no argument erases
what Jesus said. And not until they turn
away from pre-chewed rote their doctrines say
resolves life's Mystery, will joyous faces
again be seen, as men bask in being alive!