Chumps and Chimps

Three monkeys sit conjoined, each at the hip
with hands that cover eyes and ears and mouth.
This classic Christian statue's partnership
with Gospel's dogma, turns true seekers south,

in that, a sheep's obedience is not
a trait that's coveted. Evil and sin
are dynamic and come of toxic thought.
Containment needs, in order to begin,

enhanced and steady consciousness to tell
the differences between the subtle shades
of 'right-wrong good-bad' on life's carousel.
An urge to clarify that never fades,

will counteract a horde of elements
hell-bent on hassling how deep we see.
One must re-tune the ears to sift through sense,
on what occurred. The truth, not fantasy

makes for a sturdy perch from which to ply
our best in heartfelt head and handiwork.
An existential look, highlighting why
our current state is stuck in mud and murk,

invigorates the quest to cleanse and rise
out of the reach of Hydra's many snakes.
'See no, hear no, speak no', irony-wise,
greenlights a go for Nazi's, psychos and flakes!