The Few Who Choose

Not every one survives a ship's demise.
The lifeboats give chance to but a few.
The same holds true for those who would be wise
in higher ways of mind and inner light.
Most people's lives are locked in gunk and glue
that only years of struggle, might put right.

Eternity is everywhere; here Now
as well. You can't not be a seamless part.
Divisions are mirage, so tell me how
mythologies can make you think some zone
exists where beings employ a magic art,
in spite of laws, that show it can't be done.

And this is why, most men are doomed to leave
this life, as rude and tragic end-trail toads.
Like soldiers slog, those ardent to achieve
a wider, deeper read and reach, will keep
their conscious search alive. The upworld roads
appear once one accepts, one's soul's asleep.