The Few Who Chose

Free-will is not, to choose to join with God,
forsaking Satan's freakin' demon squad.
Our real free-will means, free to pick the path
that leads from violence, fear, lies, and wrath,

unless, of course, you like that kind of stuff.
The faults we see in others, we project
in our denial, from us to them. Enough
rebuke and blame heaped on, just might deflect

our taking ownership, right? Each bad thing,
derives its powers from what's going on
within ones self-neglected brain. No wing
or halo waits to lift you, as you yawn

and go about your blind-ass sorry way.
The beam and mote that's spoken of connotes,
' judge not, as what you see, comes from the fray
of shadows boxing in your head'. The throats

you'd cut, are not the only devils you
would smite. A big one lurks behind the mask
that you've been calling You. Only what's True
survives the fray, and those, up to the task

of abdicating Ego's throne. This sad regime
infests us with a Trump like twist of thought.
The arithmetic is wrong to point and deem
' because of you, my neck's tied in a knot ',

or some such rot. The energies you take
as You, come mystically from a star
not to be known. They stall when fed on fake
potatos, and ematiate. Bizarre

results, in terms of shunning truthful things,
affect the liklihood you'll ever grow
adept to teach yourself the means to know
the bliss and Grace of conscious wisdom's wings.