Carriage, Horse and Driver 4

Asleep on the bar at the Dew Drop Inn,
the taxi master snoozes, schnocked on rum.
Outside his hansom's ratty and soiled as sin,
and boney horse stands unfed, gross and glum.

This metaphor portrays the sad affair
of people lost from knowledge that would boost
their states of Being, and make them more aware.
The public house is Life, where folks seduced

by liquor tinged appearances, bellow,
bitch and boast. The driver's sleepy and sedate,
while False Persona plays him like a cello.
The trashed coach is his physical estate,

no doubt lean on healthy, wholesome stuff.
Emotions are akin the hungry horse,
whose oats have been a mix of fluff and guff.
The challenge is to wake and shine, of course.

Through certain thoughts, the coachman's brain comes back,
He sets himself to go about repair,
repainting and repolishing his hack.
He feeds and cleans his steed with focused care,

then climbs onto the box and takes the reins.
The driver, horse and carriage are like the Soul.
whose proper working state, guides and maintains
the chariot, in which, the Master might roll.