Carriage Horse and Driver in 3D

Amidst the city, the bars abound. Within the Dew Drop Inn,
a carriage driver drank his rum to where he fell asleep.
At curb, his dismal carriage was in disrepair. It's cabin
in shambles with funk and stink, and broken driver's box was deep

with years of trash. The horse has not been near a bale
of grass in days, and spattered mud clung hard to its furry coat.
Only a bum on a gratis ride to dinner, would hail
a rig so seedy and awful. The driver woke to clear his throat

of yuck. A grisly thought occurred to him, " my end is near
if I keep on this road, much more." A screaming jolt of fear
spiked through his cerebellum, and then he thought, " I've got
to mend my lowdown ways." He left and saw his coach was shot,

and horse un-kept. The liquored man went home and after that
he cleaned and fed his horse. He scrubbed and polished his hack
until it was fit to carry a king. He climbed in the box and sat,
then taking the reins, drove off, and soon was in the black.

This metaphor is used to show the state of men on Earth
before they are aware their mortal plan requires much more
of them than coasting til they croak. An endless bounty worth
more than anything, awaits their wakening. The barroom door

beyond the pub leads to the higher freedoms men can find.
The public-house is where delusions of great and glorious feats
are enacted from every stooltop. Drunken sunken monkey minds
are self-abandoned and asleep and headed where all hope retreats,

and entropy digests all chance they'll see their mothership again.
As the driver wakes and gains a ray of higher Light,
he sees that he must re-become a sober worthy thane,
or face extinction of his soul. The carriage represents

fleshly body and Being, and its dilapadated disarray
requires immediate concern. His poorly kept, unfed horse
interprets as Emotional. Fed on rotten bundles of hay,
its quick to hate and rage, and quick to spend your energy and force.

When chariot and steed are clean and strong, and driver knows
for sure, that he was born to steer, this unity makes real
the possibilty that higher energies transpose
the mundane animal brain, to glimpse the exquisite ideal.