Only Change Endures

" Things happen in the only way they can, "
Gurdjieff said. There are no accidents,
all things conform to laws, including Man.
No magic hand can come to our defense

to smite the other guy. Entropy rules.
Renewal and decay, proceed along a path
without an end. Atoms and molecules
do not reverse or stall. The aftermath

of every moving thing, exists right now,
and varies not. No way to intervene,
divert, or stall. The Universe is Tao,
onflowing like an infinite machine.

Things happen in the only way they can,
and nothing interferes, not even prayer.
Devotion to the truth alone, can span
the darkness that obscures the upward stair.

As Sherlock said, "the games afoot". Brisk toil,
to deconstruct one's broken aggragate
of untrue views, will sap the rude gargoyle
Persona conjured up to dominate

our Spirit's fountain flow. We must reclaim
burgled terrains and raze the brain regime
that twists and fractures facts to fit a frame
that serves to keep our will to rise, asleep.

The process to awaken only works
when consciousness becomes ones holy goal.
Less than this cannot survive the jerks
and bumps that plague the path to Soul.