Center of the Circle

Center of the Circle

Locate yourself! Step up to see and be in the Now.
What or who that's looking out, ( for all six seconds worth )
is like the pupil of your living soul. When one learns how
to focus this, they'll know the reason why they're on this Earth.

The shift away to think of something else, is evidence
that we don't run the show. The Mind is full of crap left from
selflove's tommyrot. It's time for open season on pretense
and airs of any kind, and time to make the kingdom come.

When you can wake yourself this way, say, fifty times a day,
you'll grow much more aware, by day and night. You'll likely stay
involved and entertained to see a host of lesser things,
never noticed. Relationships take on a depth that rings

with echoes of an almost holy sense of range and math.
Righteousness is standalone and real. Wrongness is where
no trace of Grace will go. Because you cannot find the path
that leads the way to flee Persona's psychic slum, don't dare

believe there's no way out. The growth of Soul and Being is sure,
and follows efforts to re-write our vett and value codes.
As currently, we cling to things whose purpose is impure,
so hype and hoopla jerk attention span to pointless deadend roads.

Addiction to the pleasures of the Earth is very strong.
There's every reason to remain asleep and let Nirvana go.
Who wouldn't want 10 Harleys or a horse, than labor long
throughout one's life to learn new meanings that lead to, who knows?