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Catch Up

Intentional living denotes the best
exenstential mode of feeling blest.
Such as we are, our will 'to do' is weak.
Mechanical and asleep, what we wreak

is mostly accident and dumb mistake.
We came to earth, to actualize and wake,
but with the gumption of a billiard ball,
we slide-step through our days, deaf to the call

to rise beyond the reach of low-brain crap.
Changing ways is not done by finger-snap,
but like most up-bound paths, rocky and slow.
The higher the peak, the purer the snow!

A wealth of wisdom is the sacred wage,
which consciousness digests, to wake the sage.
This very moment 'now' contains the states
you are. The very ones you'd pay the fates

to fix and retrofit. Until we get
a poker up the crack, we won't re-set
inane beliefs, nor break the strap that wraps
our spirit's wings. A shit platoon of traps

await to clamp their claws on lazy necks.
A horde of wannabees, don't meet the specs
to waken, as they're addicts of life's gloom,
believing negative, and dreading doom.

Plain and simple, being more aware,
(which means more force to boost a flaccid head),
is requisite if one's inclined to care
about awakening from being dead.

The competition for the mind, between
distractions of all types, leaves little time
to rescue and redeem one's dream machine.
Where pilgrims go lost to sloth and slime,

an ever deepening un-likelihood
of 'higher wiser better', tags behind.
If mind, heart and soul doesn't hug what's Good
with all its might, the love one hopes to find,

hangs swaying in the luckless, bankrupt breeze.
Redoubling one's willful push to rout
the inner house of habits, games and sleaze,
does much to bring real bliss, wihout a doubt.