Fresh Canvas

Conscious acknowledgement of 'floorplan' law,
obviates the need to break rules decreed
by legions and their kings. A coup d'etat
that scraps Sharia law, has to succeed

before re-constitution can occur.
To love and live the Law, is not the same
as following. A painful saddle burr
wanes when Ego's wildman is sane and tame.

Unclench and revel in sphincter's release.
Relax and retire the tedious tyrant troll,
who fux the workings of real love and peace.
To disempower that prat, makes room for Soul.

To see oneself as what results, when thoughts,
beliefs, fancies, habits, moods and fears,
bedeviling Passion's trauma drama plots,
are moved aside, one asks whats left? Frontiers

of Self not seen before, spread forth. The pure
invisible spark of Being is what remains
when chaos subsides. That buck stops here, for sure.
There is no access to the higher planes,

until one is at ease to share a space
within the soul with God, and comprehend
religion is not requisite for Grace
to walk within your shoes until the end.