Bull's Horn

Ever wished you could retract some action that you took?
You can't of course, but had you more control you might
have put a better plan in place to reap success So look,
admitting this can clear new avenues to bring more Light.

One's runaway self-preciousness has such a fragile snout,
it can't abide a slight of any sort. Its tone will kill
the messenger, if Truth's involved! A snakish thin-skinned lout,
pulls strings that we can't reach, with our sleepy sloppy Will.

Undeveloped skills, deny the Soul, its reach to deeper-planes,
where trans-dimensioned engineering creates a quicker means
to tap ones 'heart's desire' type stuff. Until your crew regains the reins,
a bumpy ride that ends with you in major smithereens,

winds ever meaningless, and shakes the prinal Good right out
of you. To die in Lesser Mind marks you, as insincere,
unsuitable for higher Grace. Rebirth with even weaker clout,
can't be a goal, for those with hopes to shift to higher gears.

Its hard to see that human lives are part of something vast,
beyond what words have shapes to tell. Here is where our where Faith belongs.
Faith is not belief alone, but carries energies amassed
from certain works on Self. 'To keep our hands from future wrongs',

becomes the game. Many different things to learn, added over years
and years, is part of why we're here. The macro cosmic plan
directs that we be Good and Wise and Clean. All prides and fears
and greeds must go the same way as the T-rex and Ice Age man.

Not face down in myths, or mind trips, men are tasked with one
resulant end: To bring the miracle they are, awake.
Without developing a means to get this crusade done,
ain't no one goin' nowhere, with their steering eyes opaque.

So what to do? As ostritch mode is like a house of straw,
(the big bad wolf will rip its ass.) a frontal tactic must
be waged. Half measures keep us facing down the monster's maw,
trussed up in wrong assumptions, and will, until we bite the dust.