Investing in a scam, is fodder for the catapult,
and yet, we do it everyday. Whatever holds the power
in your head, has to go. The way to get a good result
means rooting out the residue from past programs gone sour.

A rigorous redo of how we guage and then assign
incoming thoughts, and actions from the 3D realm,
must be effected prior to approaching the Divine,
making pointless not to have the right mind at the helm.

Exactly what within us thinks we're fit to comprehend
meta-mystic complexities. Our heritage is arboreal.
More cogently keen, than apes or monkeys, what we have to spend
is still paltry. Self awareness solely, breaks the seal

to thus behold an 'up the Scale' cosmic flash of Light,
and maybe more. Correct connections bring a synched flow
within the thinking apparatus. Lies, bring on fright and fight,
and twist the mind to where we don't know friend from foe.

We take ourselves as what we're not, and lose relationship
with something vast, sage to the bone, and unspeakably deep.
You cannot take it personally that, Uuntil we equip
our brain to train with tools to self arouse, we'll stay asleep.