Bring It

The one who wants True Light, best have a cause beyond a pang
v of Sunday morning guilt for acting like a hypocrite all week.
Soul-wakening, demands an end to Ego's bang and clang
technique of fracturing the natural flow of things to fit oblique

and twisted schemes, it cooks to keep us in the dark, asleep.
A woken Soul will use the energies, Personna jacked
from our minute inheritance of Grace. Still, the trail's steep,
and plagued with crumbly footholds and tricky grips. This fact

keeps posers and pirates at bay. Rare and worthy ardor
divides the sober-minded Socratist, from Persona contrived
blind-bull dramabots, who charge on impulse, but short on more
than simian thought. Years and years it takes, until the Soul's revived

enough to change. The day will come, when umbilicals to stale
old thoughts are cut, and one exalts to see his energies are kin
to Grace, and have a goal, whose finish IS the Holy Grail.
It's likely many lifetimes pass, before we graduate this Looney Bin!

There is a reason why soul-grooming, with a conscious mind
delivers more than any other Spiritual pursuit.
At death, our energies adjust to fit just where in humankind
we'll reappear. Don't ask me how, but karmic force transmutes

the gains and losses of that which we've learned, into a seed
comprised comeasurate with efforts underway when you died.
The character of your relationship with Truth, in deed
and thought portends, the soil grade in which your seed abides.