The Comet Comes Round

Deaf and blind to Soul and Spirit, we're born with a disease, whose cure is solely found in Truth and Goodness, clear and pure. Long dead impediments are wreckage, left from phoney guarantees Personna gave, while we were milked and bilked of future energies, that might have eased our troubled pass through time. Until our wisdom can support an accumen that makes removal and repair, we're doomed to trudge an uphill climb, and share our neighborhood with weasels, skunks and snakes. Like weak, bleak shadows severed from a sound and solid Soul, pretending mightily to be in charge, we squander force as if we think it's free, and that we've mastered Self control. This attitude is why we're separate and estranged from our Source. Beyond this human life, perhaps there is a great divide, where energies of they who lost their way, are retrofit for lesser lives with harder goals, and on the other side the energies of they, who didn't stray, distort or quit their love of Grace. Simply put, the good go up, the bad go down. That somerthing waits for us to die, to most is no surprise. One third of men on Earth are Christian twits who frown on everyone not heaven bound. This comes of laws and lies, agreed to at Nicea, and bought by every one of them. Real Truth does not have need for nuance or degree. Facts are stand-alone pictures of truth, but Truth is a gem with countless facets splintering reflections. If you be the kind of guy that won't admit to being full of shit, at least five times a day, you're fixing to draw the mean bull. Our sentience is, like it or not, self-sullied and unfit to rise above the lies we've let to eat our lunch, and pull the wool.