The path toward Grace is no free ride, nor sure.
Requiring work, and sacrifice as well,
few people choose the ardors of a cure,
content to pass their time, under the spell

of artifice and sham. Lifetimes away,
perhaps, they'll come to wish they didn't waste
their years on Earth, stoned stupid chasing play.
Robust, sincere and driven, must be embraced

as qualities, that accompany a soul
on any righteous quest which hopes to rise.
We are not punished for our sins. The goal
that must be sought until the last dog dies,

is to see that, we're punished BY our sins.
No growth, no gain, no Light, so long as wrong
reactions plauge our peace of mind. No Jinns
or genies wait to grant a wish. A strong,

adaptive and compassionate soul will
emerge from the frazzled, bedazzled mess
that posed and passed as you. The kool-aid swill,
that Ego feeds the Being, is raunch and cess

that saps the Will. Persona's vampire fang
blood-sucks the vigor ftom our goals and dreams,
ensuring that your hopes will boomerang.
and your sad life will stay, just what it seems.