Bookstore John

While reading at the bookstore, I acknowledged natures call.
I took a book with me, went in a stall and settled in.
Ten minutes passed and then a kid came in from the hall
"Hup!" was what I heard him say. Another "Hup!" came when

a second kid came through the door. "It sure stinks in here,
Jimmy!" I could hear them gagging as they rushed their pee.
"I can't stand it anywore!" the first kid said. "It's sheer
Hell!" the other gasped, and both burst from the privy.

No sooner had I laughed aloud, another guy pushed the door
and went to piss. A minute passed and then I heard him zip.
"Buddy", he said, "I've been in some stinky places before,
but nothin' compares to this." Though shocked to hear a stranger's quip,

I suppressed hysteria until the door had closed.
then busted out a free for all with my laughter gland
. I wondered at the strong aromas that they had nosed.
Perhaps the pickled eggs? or beans and beer? Last night, all were grand!