Bookmark in Fortune

While on patrol in Guam in forty-four
a soldier of the Rising Sun was killed.
When Private Parker searched the coat he wore,
he found a worn and bloody sketch-book filled
with drawings of a little girl of five
who smiled so bright, she almost seemed alive.

At long war's end, and Parker home at last,
he showed his souvenir to veterans
anf friends. While sick, before she passed,
his worthy wife requested he make plans
to find the girl who graced the book and re-
unite her with her piece of history.

Parker engaged the consul of Japan
who found an aging widow, Mai. She took
the etchings book, (with blood stains of the man
who fathered her) with such a soul-shocked look,
Parker could see her spirit tearing through
its chains, to read his words, "Daddy Loves You!"