Singing like a siren somewhere deep within my soul,
a potent call that's beautiful, reminds me that my goal
of widening my psyche to receive a deeper read,
has promise to enhance and boost a thinker's reach and speed.

From Trump on down, the flood of flops and fools will feed
some lower-plane machine. The rest of us have destinies,
for some spectacular, for others not so much. One can succeed
through work and time to ease the dread of Doom. One pays these fees,

through lightening up the load of props we need, to scam our brains
from learning that we're not the brilliant faultless sages
we've always held ourselves to be. Persona only feigns
to be so good at Your expense. Asleep, we live in cages

with pretty pictures on the walls, but fed on crust and gruel,
while Ego eats our caviar. The wretch that we've become
tells lies, denies and justifes, without concern how cruel,
it is to mask the facts that prove, he's just another bum.

Jackhammers pound and tall cranes sway, when work on Self is underway.
Where pointless squables over rocks result in injuries,
and grumpy snores and baseball scores, and holy N.R.A.
come wafting off a steaming pile of soul-blind tweedledees,
you'll know for certain that you're where true losers go to die.
You'll know as well, that second place will never get a prize.
If you won't take it on yourself, with all your might to try
and gain the upper plane, you'll see your ship of Soul capsize.