Those men too droll to see, the subtle glints
of light divine surrounding conscious acts,
are likewise blind to clues or cues and hints
for sensing depth and flow beyond mere facts.
They bottom-feed from deeds dead years ago,
And vex their audience with tales spun
from hooey through their braggadocio,
like barnacles and mud blot out the sun!
Aloof and saved, they claim as judges fit
to verdict those too poor or born non-white.
With moted eyes, and beams they'll not admit,
they blast the wings of eagles "faking" flight.
There truely is a self-transcendent grace
that justifies and glorifies the mind.
Tied not to any sect or holy place,
it's seed is in the genes of all mankind.
But there's a rub. You have to want to see
with all your heart, your soul's divinity.