Glorious Blade

A life long slave, we are, to rigid views
and crusty habits that routinely steer
our souls into some dark impasse, where crews
from lower realms, then plunder. Pure, sincere

attention must be levelled to impede
this travesty, but fuel that feeds the Will
is gained at painful cost. Our pride and greed,
that milks this swag, our hands must kickass kill!

All children dress their minds in things untrue,
and play about and act like they're so cool,
but mindsets freeze in place, and no thing new,
assures that men transact in cock and bull.

Imagination is a master's tool
of wonder, but was never meant to rule.
Without controls in place, the lawyer fool
whose dramas are contentious, often cruel,

and sure he has no flaws, will vote for Trump,
then shovel paradise into the dump.
The only point to life is to awaken,
else find your Soul's eternity forsaken.