"We cannot solve the problem, as we are,
because we are a part." This makes it clear,
we need to see ourselves from a place far
removed, to gain a sense of where to steer.

Viewpoints make a difference in how
and what we see. One's self, one can behold
in routine ways, or via work, come to know
sideviews from a distance. From times untold,

a set of rules and tools to free the mind,
survives. Separation from self is key,
to see what interplays between behind
above, beyond and through. One's "I's" and "me's"

have differences. "I" conducts with life, "me"
reflects within. Seen from the side, they are
two halves that co-exist, but cannot be
in focus, both at once. Like a North Star,

this new place to view from, will always lead
to points where unity and balance can
can merge to intersect. Our Being's breed
contains the seeds to self fulfill that plan

our makers meant for us to rise beyond
mere animals asleep. Adaptive wiles,
an earnest will, and good-luck's magic wand,
are requisite to overcome the trials

that spread before all travellers who dare
to slog the lonely road. They who decline
this discipline, will soon enough despair.
The wine they thought was mead, is rancid brine.


" What profits folk to garner the whole earth,
but forfeit their own souls, along the way? "
This question of our fundamental worth,
distinguishes the glutton from gourmet.

A call to come awake, and intervene
in Ego's usurpation of mind's space
and energies, is dire to end obscene
misuse of time and force. The human race

is inbred to evolve beyond the ape,
to dominate its inner stratosphere.
A quest for Consciousness will reshape
the total one you take as you. No mere

desire or wish, will make this come to pass.
It must become ones foremost mortal goal,
to mobilize and cross the vast crevasse,
and glorify the birthright of the Soul.