Bite Back Bile

Bite Back Bile

Hate is the rage you feel when things don't go your way. Your choice
to slam through your feelings, projecting wrath to things
and situations that you'll never change, gives a fresh voice
to crazy ways of feigning sanity. The problem springs

from thinking your virtues shine, and flaming ire is justified
and righteous. It's called believing a lie you sold yourself, then locked
your head to hear only the sides which agree. Seen from the moon, you've tried
to rig the scale, and now you're trapped. When you labor to concoct

a private set of rules, the world doesn't care a fig
for what your over-precious lazy ass wants. There is so much
that you've read wrong. Your truth and goodness isn't near as big
as you maintain. In fact, you're mostly broke and use a crutch

of lies, to fabricate support for paucious dignity.
I'm sure it makes you mad to hear when someone scoffs and smears
how high you hold your nose. Once again, veracity
confirms that you hold dear, attitudes that make for angry tears.

What say that you come clean, and indicate you know for fact,
you have deep flaws you cover up. Until there's something to fix,
everything for you, will stay the same. Work and study are acts,
which help transform the rage, and sometimes violence, in the mix.

In no way do heavens part, and flash, you're finished and whole,
but steadily, if one works to learn the Perennial Rules,
a definite change in the 'right ways', empowers the Souls
of all who walk the world, as all are self-completing jewels.