Big Dog

Though my opinion only, Big God's gone.
It's doubtless that we're all a tad divine.
Dad cast his seeds, with hopes his hapless spawn
might recognize their source could only be
not fully born of mammal's blood. It's fine
to wish and pray, but work on self is key.

Lets face this fact; that most of us are drunk
in ways all would deny. The hero hooch
we've swilled since youth. log-jams our heads with junk.
While smugly nursing from delusion's teat,
we waste life, hot to hump some loser pooch,
convinced God whipped us up a special treat.

Until a being breaks from habit's grip
and consciously asserts which stars are which,
his chances for a wiser life next trip
dissolve like smoke. Until we get it right,
one foot will always drag the sugar ditch,
while our ancestral souls, enjoy less light.