A Distant Bell

The universe holds galaxies and galaxies hold stars
round which the planets whirl, as their moons revolve.
Organic Life arose from microbes into faces that are ours,
and molecules from atoms, as atoms from their quarks evolve.

A cosmic order based on scale, that's sensually beheld,
co-exists with some 'in-mind' equivilent, that's infinite.
Within a mind that's properly aware, the levels meld.
Fom dunce to sparkling genius to thunder-thought exquisite,

each realm transcends the old into the new. Real efforts made
over time, create departure like a chick pecks free
to exit the egg. From wreckage and un-working ways, a trade
is made, whereby a real and granite you, can come to be.

When men can come to see that underneath their claims of 'I',
they're footing mostly floats on wishful thoughts, they will
Come To. Resourse and force are on thin ice and time flies by,
while enemies abound to stalk one back to sleep. Unless ones skill

at staying in the middle lane is steel strong, he'll needs a plan!
One's 'Bigshot' wax facade has got to go, and 'Diva's' closet closed.
A full rework of 'valuation's ways' will teach the man
to best select what serves his Aim, and what's to be opposed.

One stays the same, but options change, in a PLUS sort of way.
Old thinking angles are mechanical and must become
de-amplified. New tools re-work ones 'weigh-guage', and lay
down rules on what to bite and what to spit. What was a plum

that stoked Persona's lust, now fertilizes Tree of Life fruit.
A turning of the mind away from chasing EZ bait,
and wrangling with Bad, brings peace, and clarity to boot.
Nothing worth having is free, and wake up is our One True Fate.