We come from monkeys. Distasteful as this may be, it's true.
Regality is the invention of those ashamed by this fact,
and empires rise and fall, driven by factions who hold this view.

We come from apes, humble and peace loving. Thank God it's true.
This deepest state of quiet mind roams free, once Ego's minions are sacked.
Reinstatement of this gentle brain, allows one's inborn Guru

to re-contextualize old facts, and from this slew, extract
the immortal Truth as it relates to the inmost state of You.
Empires fall and rise, murderously indifferent to this fact.

A straw-man called 'the other guy', contrived by Ego's crew,
becomes the ruse that's used to make excuse for menkind's unkind acts,
and tool of choice for fools and fuckheads who hold to Ego's view.

Our brothers were chimps. Trump's golden tower of Bull, pays the tax
to keep a beacon flashing, "Stay the fuck away, as pride will screw
your dead dog daylights and make you one of those too shallow, too whacked,
to sense you are an animal, and have no golden home beyond the tracks.
Once we were monkeys. Unsavorly as this may sound, it's true.
Empires burn, torched by true beasts, who just won't honor this view.