The Beam in Your Own

"There but for the grace of God, go I".
The gist of this has always left me awed.
But I have learned reversals can apply,
"There but for I, there goes the grace of God"

This would mean that I, as I Am now,
am hindered, if I'm not grateful and glad,
crusin' alive in my own skin. Somehow,
a full escape from inner Stalingrad

must be devised, if life means anything
at all. The train we're on will crash in fire,
no time to dick and dally. Time for zing,
and zap, in spades, before our hopes expire!

Darkness is not a wall, one can't walk through,
nor fear a force, which one cannot resist.
Spark up a start, make movement towards what's True,
and NEVER think it pointless to exist.

Be it clear or not, unthinkably vast
channels teeming with fountains of power
are sure and absolute. A scale of caste
applies to clarity of thought. The tower

of Babble On drones on, proud from its height.
Its mind, fresh from a monkey, turns to gaze
at Heaven's Gates, alit in rainbow light.
But lost within Sleep's non-mathmatic maze,

a soul is friggin' doomed to petrify,
when inner gears are broken, rusted, dead.
When fixing own machine, we justify
the destiny for which, all men were bred.