Basement to Attic

A purer clearer consciousness awaits
all those who choose to work to shift their ways
of thinking. As we are, we live in states
of waste, left over from an anal phase.

Only conscious thought can bring an end
to patterns lost in lockstep, and false light.
Unmindful of a sleepstate to transcend,
we live where mind is lit, but candle bright.

Persona is the mask we wear to hide
amidst the raucous throngs of other fakes.
Acquired through our tangles with Life's tide
of obstacles and ambush, new headaches

compel and crave expedient redress.
So imitation, self deceit and fraud
esconce themselves, replacing real success.
Some sell, and some believe, a father god

manipulates, cajoles and tugs the strings
of humankind. No proof of this. In fact,
real study of the means to rise shows things
to pre-exist, which proves the deck IS stacked.

Seen from the side, our soul's estate displays
a wonderwork of psychic laws. These raise
a deep and lux awareness of the ways
eternity provides, to max-amaze

those lovers of the sumptious freefall rush
that comes beholding the Infinitive.
In cardgame life, there is a royal flush;
a super trump whose sway's definitive.

We all were given time enough to shape
our filtering technologies, such that, we feel
and think with genius level gifts. Escape
from artificiality is real,

but life long effort is pre-requisite.
There is mindblowingly more to perceive
in upzone realms. You'll know the road is right
when you're at ease with Nothing to believe.