Back Road

As each and all who are now here will die,
where is your curiousity to learn
what shakes behind plain day? Some ask why try
to fathom notions past your grade of pay?
Perhaps, it may be possible to earn
advantages. The rules of Karma say,

'what comes around, so also, goes around'
both in this life and maybe further on.
It seems astute, in view our brains are bound,
to not meander aimlessly through time,
but sever ties with morons and get gone
from ritzy swank, and superficial slime.

Not everyone can heed this, which is fine.
Some souls have earned their moonless nights, to pass
to blacker shades, devoid of the divine.
What ever you believe, one fact is sure.
Life's story on this earth does not surpass
what came before. It's just a small detour.