America, the Babe

Last night, July the 4th, our entire town
erupted in a war of booms and blazes.
This is the time when any drunken clown
with matches can, re-kill the 'Red Coat' Horde.
Each missle wows and re-amazes
stoned patriots, whose faith is now restored.

Fire up another one! Your neighbors roof
now flames a proud tribute, to keep you free.
The honor of America, gives proof
of why our rockets blast the sky;
to emphasize we dumped that English tea
then blamed the Indians. O we're so sly!

The true America is in the mind
and doesn't thrive on fireworks.
It's welcoming, compassionate and kind.
and doesn't have toady-brained, drunken jerks
who wave the flag, but miss the true ideal:
'Our sacred home and brotherhood are real.'