Aware of Being Aware

First off, are you aware? Your eyes see trees,
your ears hear birds, your fingertips touch bark,
while wafts of cherry blossoms spice the breeze,
but can you sense your Self, aware of these?
This backward jump, initiates the spark

that shifts between both frames of view.
That alone should make one ask, how and why
this inner leap occurs. Exactly who
or what triggered the switch to stratify
perspective planes? Logic does not apply

to define this. Only thoughtful self-watch
through time, will yield new ways to see
those basement truths, whose vital grace we botch.
We arn't the ones we think ourselves to be.
We are the ones, who need Eternity

as a base part of who we really are,
so that we wake our Spirit-Soul-Divine .
A scale of depths and levels, so bizarre,
exists concurrent with the whole incline
and boundless sphere of infinite design.

To reappear somewhere, dead last in line,
and wait eons for just a beggar's chance,
to re-legitimize one's psychic stance,
would energize one's will for discipline
and better Light, to grow a steel spine.