At long Last Light

Twice the size of Texas and thicker than hard tar, that part
of us that Doesn't Know, is gullible and first in line
to lose his ice cream to a dog. A mind must find its heart
to learn that physics only go so far. Until these two align

there is no depth of meaning that transcends Persona's reach.
No one can grow internally by means of sense based thought.
New verbs and nouns, are needed to develop inner speech
to teach us how to slip the yoke we've borne, since just a tot.

No inborn way exists to maximize what we're all about.
The answers may exist beyond our time and place, but we
as human apes are tasked to evolve in terms of conscious clout.
Succeeding brings appropriate reward. Failure sadly isn't free.

Would you employ a violent, lying, lazy bum of a brain
to guide your heart between the snagging thorns of life on Earth
that rip one's innocence to shreds. Pure and real, higher plane
influences can awaken one's Soul, from the wastes of no worth.

To not know why we're here, signifies a real dividing line
between that one whose Spirit soars, and he whose hopes get left behind.
One's interactions with the fauna of this earth, design
the shape and set, for next-life adventures in teaching your Mind.