Consciousness is all there is. The trees,
the rocks and breeze, need living sense to read
their form. Beyond this Truth, lies only tease.
Beholder and beheld, doer and deed

exist in seamless unity. A span
of 'cause/effect', meshes things with events,
which then, occur the only way they can.
The 3D world owes its all, to elements

the sentient mind provides. A Shangi-la
for billiard balls, this Earth means less than squat.
The universe within, is where 'ah-ha!'
can spread its wings and soar beyond mere thought.

The body, heart and mind comprise the Soul.
The Spirit is a spark from the Divine.
Truely woken Will, when formed, is the goal
of Life, and channels Grace that's genuine.

How can one know the joyous vertigo
of God's presence, if not through brain and sense?"
We're animals. No God exists below
our darkness. And straitway we'd all commence

to shaking and shouting, should God appear
in His mysterial splendor on the seat
beside us. Open-mindfulness and clear
eyed reckoning nicely upshovel deceit.

All assumptions must be vetted, or
like number math, things won't sum up correct.
Slop in, slop out, describes the endless war
all seekers face. Detect and then eject

delusions that collide and cause sore loss.
The 'givens' and the 'granteds' , get no free pass
to come and go, as if they were the boss.
It's better to reload you're code, en masse,

than suffer even one, well meant bum steer.
The steps one makes to elevate, don't shift
or spin. Strong focus and Will must cohere
for this self-work to generate uplift.

A loafer, long on Ego's smug-man sass,
is white-bone dry of majesty. Don't wince.
We all, how-so wise or gifted, amass
tall hopes, to next life rise a sacred Prince.

Our wishful fantasies clog up and choke
the Soul's purest metaphorical throat.
One's inmost eyes are stung with smog and smoke,
when untaught hunches steer, and crash the boat.

There is one point, in each and everyday
the Devil cannot touch. The conscious 'Now'
blows Ego's crippling ball and chain away,
and clears a path to show fresh fields to plow.